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Inhouse Consulting Network is the strong network of Inhouse Consulting units of leading German companies. Today, membership of the network has risen to 24 companies with about 1.700 internal consultants operating in all of Germany.


As a consultant at an in-house consultancy, you are in many ways closer to what’s happening, as internal consultants are at the same time employees and thus very familiar with the company and how it works. This guarantees fast solutions that are tailored to the company as well as excellent career development opportunities.
In contrast to external consultants, as an in-house consultant you can directly experience the implementation of your projects and build valuable networks with decision-makers while working on Group-wide projects. You’ll get insights into all areas of the company and you’ll be able to shape your career according to your own vision.

Your career as an in-house consultant

Whether as an intern, a graduate or a direct entrant, whether nationally or globally: in the In-house Consulting Network you’ll get off to a good start. Launch your career as an in-house consultant now!

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We would like to get to know you better: Meet your dream company and the in-house consultants personally. We answer all of your questions in regard to job profiles and career paths in in-house consulting.

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