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“Leading Digital Telco”: This is Deutsche Telekom’s claim.
Leading in customer experience, leading in technology and leading in supporting the productivity of other companies. With this claim, we at Deutsche Telekom are focusing on further growth – with success. As Europe’s most valuable brand, we are more than an infrastructure company. we are a trusted companion for our customers in an increasingly complex world. Simplifying and enriching people’s lives, privately and professionally, always and everywhere, is our mission. We connect people and businesses with the opportunities of today. We serve around 242 million mobile customers and around 27 million fixed-network and broadband customers worldwide – and the number is growing.

Telekom Strategy Consulting

Who we are:

We are Deutsche Telekom’s in-house consulting team, and we dare to think big. By pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, we strive to identify new potentials and design implementation-oriented solutions with vision. With our dynamic and collaborative work environment, we empower each other to reach new heights and connect the future, together.
Our work is based on two pillars:

1. Shaping the future of Deutsche Telekom

As trusted advisors to the top management, we drive change and innovation at Deutsche Telekom. We are looking for brilliant minds who are eager to help shape and change the most valuable European brand. With in-depth knowledge of the market, technologies, and future developments, we strive to exceed the expectations of our business partners. This makes us an essential part of Telekom’s ambitions to shape the future of the digital world.

2. Developing the leaders of tomorrow

Developing future leaders is a key part of our work at Deutsche Telekom’s in-house consultancy. We believe in fostering personal growth through trainings, coaching, and an individual development budget. Beyond that, our philosophy is that people quickly take on responsibility on projects and internal activities. The success of our alumni speaks for itself – many now hold top positions in the company, from the executive level up to managing director positions.

Our Job:

We drive DT’s most important strategy and transformation projects. Therefore, we believe in being closely aligned with Deutsche Telekom’s business units. That’s why we mirror the company’s structure, dividing Telekom Strategy Consulting into five practices: Value & Efficiency, Markets & Innovation, Digitalization & IT, Organization & HR und Technology & Strategy. You can find more information about our practices on:

What differentiates us:

At Telekom Strategy Consulting we combine the best of both worlds the benefits of a DAX company with the learning curve of consulting. This can be seen in the following areas:

With the customer from day 1 – exciting challenges with real impact
Take on exciting challenges with us: As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to work on diverse and strategically significant transformation projects with our top management. We foster a flat hierarchy where you will be empowered to take on responsibilities early on and lead your own projects, or parts of them. Every project is unique and gives you the chance to gain expertise in various topics, segments, and countries within the Telekom Group. Our projects combine the excitement and challenge of the consulting world with the real-world impact of an international DAX Company.

4+1 working days – joint Friday as pillar for our culture
The basis of our success: our unique culture. What’s behind it? We prioritize building our team spirit, for example through regular team events. But we don’t stop there. Every Friday is dedicated to our “Center Friday” tradition – a day that plays a major, indispensable role in our self-image. It’s a day where we take a break from traditional project work to continue learning and growing, whether through colleague lectures, or meetings with inspiring figures like our CEO Tim Höttges to discuss global trends and internal challenges with us over lunch. And of course, celebrating our successes together is also a big part of our culture – a true must-have in the carnival-capital Rhineland.

Individual trainings budget – your personal development path
Whether you’re just starting out or already have professional experience, we’ll provide you with a clear and comprehensive development path tailored to your needs. In addition to an individual training budget, our Center Excellence Program (CEP) is an integral part of this, preparing you specifically for tasks that align with your career level. Along with honing important technical and methodological skills through everyday project work and specialized training sessions, we will also focus on your personal development. We are committed to helping you reach your full potential and preparing you for a future management role in the Group. Additionally, you’ll have the freedom to explore and advance your own interests and ideas, such as getting involved in the development of our center’s operations.

Compensation and flexibility – your personal work life balance
We value a flexible working environment in order to meet the challenges of project work, but also to have enough freedom for personal development. In our junior career levels, we have overtime compensation after intense project phases. In addition, there are opportunities for sabbaticals or job visits. Although some of our projects involve travel, the majority of project work takes place in Bonn, where the Executive Board and the Group’s central decision-makers are also based. As a result, you will find a comprehensive overall package that allows for a good work-life balance and the opportunity to work from home.

Who are we looking for:

Telekom Strategy Consulting works with different seniority levels: As university graduate, you start at the career level “Consultant”. If you already have several years of professional experience, the “Senior Consultant”, “Project Manager” or “Senior Project Manager” or “Principal” levels will suit you (depending on the type and duration of your previous work). By the way: We are looking for reinforcement at all levels.

Would you like to gain professional experience while you’re still studying? That’s great. Get to know us during an 8-24 weeks internship. During an internship you will gain insight into the development of the Group at the highest level. You’ll work on transformation projects and strategic decisions from day one and gain practical program and project experience. This gives you the chance to already establish valuable contacts with various operational areas, with many young high potentials as well as with experienced managers and even with the Group’s top management.
Also interesting for university graduates from a wide range of disciplines: You can join us with the 18-month “Start up!” program and choose consulting as your main area of assignment.


At Telekom Strategy Consulting, we place a clear focus on your career development. Through our career stages, you will be developed in a structured way according to your level of responsibility and salary. We have a promotion round every 6 months, in which the management reviews all consultants and promotes them according to their performance – without fixed quotas or vacancies at the next level! Our excellent alumni network also opens doors for you to take the next step out into the group. Our consultants are highly regarded by management and are in great demand as junior executives.

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