Dr. Tobias Hoffmann

Project Leader – Strategy & Consulting, REWE Group

My Job as Inhouse Consultant:

I started at REWE’s inhouse consulting in May 2015 as a project manager. Since then I led several strategic projects, so far with a focus on the REWE brand. Highlights have been the development of a new supermarket concept, the formulation of a comprehensive digitalization strategy, and the further development of the store format portfolio. Since last year, I’m part of the leadership team as a Principal and lead several projects in parallel. Besides, I’m responsible for our internal recruiting.

My daily challenges:

The inhouse consulting bridges an “external” strategic perspective with “internal” expert knowledge. Whether giving new impulses or assessing their relevance and practicability, challenging sparring or supportive reflection, right questions or custom-fit answers – the objective is always the same: striving for the best solutions.

Why I like to work as Inhouse Consultant:

Firstly, it’s just enormous fun to work within such a great team of highly talented and motivated people. The variety of diverse personalities, the possibility and freedom for everyone to bring in his individual qualities and skills, the shared joy and passion for our topics, challenges and achievements – all that makes the inhouse consulting an unique place within the REWE Group. In addition comes the very close, trustful and appreciative way of working with our clients. And – last but not least – the certainty to work at REWE Group’s most critical topics.

What I like most about being an Inhouse Consultant:

No day equals the other, the environment is highly dynamic, new challenges constantly arising. Each day gives me the opportunity, to learn and with that further develop myself and others. Besides all  (important) strategic thinking, the close collaboration with our clients and proximity to our core business allows us to keep a clear view on operational aspects and challenges. The resulting mixture of strategic concepts and manageable, tangible (in the true sense of the word) outcomes makes our work extremely rewarding – real impact guaranteed!

My life before joining the Inhouse Consultancy:

After my studies in business administration, two semesters abroad in the US and Mexico, a diploma thesis on “the economics of the gothic cathedral” and many internships, I started working at Bain & Company, an international strategic consulting firm, with the “typical” time horizon of ~2 years… 7 ½ years later, after numerous exciting and diverse projects in Germany and abroad, a PhD-leave on social enterprises and half a year parental time, there has finally come the moment to change on the “other side”…

What I like to do in my spare time:

Loosely ordered, and with no claim to be complete: Spending time with my son (9 years), enjoying good food, listening and actively perform music (piano, sax, vocal), reading good books, being in the nature, being pleased about the big and small things in life…