Valerie Meise

Division Manager Otto Group Digital & Consulting

My Job as Inhouse Consultant:

I have been a Division Manager in the Otto Group’s Digital & Consulting division since 2020 and appreciate the diversity of my job. On the one hand, it involves overall responsibility for 2-3 parallel strategic consulting projects, including acquisition, staffing and relationship management with clients. I also particularly enjoy managing, developing and coaching my employees as well as helping to shape our overall division, i.e. strategic orientation, further development of the division and its culture, talent management, talent development and recruiting.

My daily challenges:

We offer in-house consulting services on transformations, strategic issues, digital and operational excellence, and digital customer experience/marketing, and support the overarching transfer of knowledge within the Otto Group. Due to the constant change and the variety of topics, we are constantly driven by new challenges. We have to find the best solutions for these challenges, while reconciling the different interests of clients, customers and employees.

Why I like to work as Inhouse Consultant:

I am excited to work on the most important issues of the Group and to actively shape the future of the Otto Group. I also enjoy coaching and developing my employees and teams.

What I like most about being an Inhouse Consultant:

I particularly like the proximity to clients and client teams. We are all colleagues and have the common goal of advancing the Otto Group. Our work is highly valued within the Group and we work together in a trusting and constructive atmosphere.

My life before joining the Inhouse Consultancy:

Before joining the Otto Group as a consultant, I studied economics at the University of Münster and international business at Maastricht University. Before that, I pursued a professional tennis career and was at the University of San Francisco on an athletic scholarship.

What I like to do in my spare time:

I spend my free time with my friends and family, love to take walks by the water (whether Alster, Elbe or Baltic Sea) and travel to new places.