Digitalizing the customer interface

Project example

Development of self-check-in

With our project work, we are playing a special role in the implementation of DB’s overarching strategy “Strong Rail.” The building blocks of the Strong Rail strategy include the development of Smarter Services with the aim of using digital technology to make customers’ travel experience more convenient. The self-check-in project is an important contribution to this.
Since May 2018, passengers on long-distance ICE trains have been able to check themselves in and automatically validate their ticket. The customers using this option enjoy an even more relaxing journey, with no need for the train crew to check their tickets.

From the project start phase to a Germany-wide rollout across the ICE fleet

We provided support from the project start phase to the successful market launch. Our work focused on professional project management in close collaboration with the business units involved. In the space of just a year, we progressed from a vision to a minimum viable product, a pilot and then a launch date for the rollout to the whole ICE fleet across Germany.
Our key tasks included developing the product features and product vision, constantly improving usability and design, developing a rollout plan and training all crew. Developing a sound marketing strategy for the new service was also part of our work on this project. Extensive market research, creative meetings and a scoring model to evaluate the measures developed contributed to the project’s success.

The value we added

  • Structured and supported the development and rollout of the minimum viable product (MVP) including the pilot
  • Developed the marketing strategy for the service
  • Designed a growth strategy for the continued development of self-check-in
  • Prepared the handover of the service from the project team to the line organization