Rainer Grosse

Principal Consultant at Allianz Consulting

My Job as an In-house Consultant:

I joined Allianz Consulting in 2013. In my current position I am engaged in various projects related to the field IT Security, Sales, Legal and product launch. In addition to my project engagements, I am in charge of the cross-practice area communications and I contribute to the development of Allianz Consulting’s service offerings within Agility and Change & Communications. Furthermore, I am responsible for the operations and profitability of the training and coaching program, which includes its marketing, attracting participants, organizing and running the trainings.

My daily challenges:

One of my primary challenges is working on different projects with different colleagues throughout the year, and sometimes even in parallel. Each project is characterized by different cultures, topics and people. As a consultant, I have to understand and adapt quickly in order to offer the best support. Being a consultant also means having an opinion and voicing your ideas while understanding each client’s context and environment.

Why I like to work as an In-house Consultant:

Allianz Consulting offers the opportunity to support various projects worldwide. The work environment is very dynamic and I am always engaging with new colleagues across different projects. This provides many advantages for consultants. For example, we are able to build global networks and learn continuously about the latest developments within the Allianz Group.
Additionally, Allianz Consulting supports me on the job by providing the latest project tools, methodologies and trainings. This ensures that I stay up-to-date in required skills, develop personally and professionally, and offer the best support to my clients.

What I like most about being an In-house Consultant:

Working in a multicultural and diverse environment with colleagues from over 20 different countries is simply awesome!

My life before joining the In-house Consultancy:

In keeping with the diverse backgrounds of many Allianz employees, my pre-Allianz life is characterized by studies of History & Journalism (Germany) and Journalism & Mass Communication (USA). My first internships were in media, learning how to produce interesting stories for different channels in a short time span.

My first job at Allianz was as an Executive Assistant to a regional board member of Allianz Germany in Berlin, followed by becoming a Sales Field Manager for sales employees and Tied Agents. During this time, I learned how to motivate and lead different sales teams, and how to listen to the customer.

Just prior to joining Allianz Consulting, I worked as a Senior Project Manager, developing a new Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance product with the focus on household and private liability insurance (´Privatschutz`).

What I like to do in my spare time:

I like hiking, skiing in the Alps, and taking advantage of the broad cultural offerings in Munich, such as the theater, opera and exhibitions. I also enjoy reading my daily newspaper, as well as books about politics and history. Furthermore, I love to travel, especially on long-distance trips to Asia and Latin America.