Nazrin Rahimova

Scrum Master/Agile Coach at Allianz Consulting

My Job as an In-house Consultant:

I joined Allianz Consulting as a Junior Consultant in March 2019 in the Agile@Allianz department. As a Scrum Master/Agile Coach, I am currently supporting a project in Milan. Due to the pandemic, I am working from Munich and facilitating two teams in Milan and supporting the project with agile way of working. Working together with my teams, other scrum masters and project leads, my main responsibilities include helping the IT teams work with the scrum framework and coaching projects on living out the agile mindset.

My daily challenges:

My tasks as an inhouse consultant involve customer collaboration and bringing my agile expertise into IT projects at different Allianz entities.

My daily challenges include the implementation and utilization of the agile methodology into our everyday working life, coaching individuals and encouraging creative problem solving.

Why I like to work as an In-house Consultant:

What I like the most about inhouse consulting is that you are able to stay in touch with Allianz colleagues even when you change projects. As an inhouse consultant, you receive the opportunity to work with international teams and work on projects outside of Germany. For example, as a new joiner in my probation period I was given the opportunity to travel to Pune, India, where I coached onsite Scrum Master and organized trainings. This was an invaluable experience to be exposed to another culture and develop an understanding that there is no one right way of working.

What I like most about being an In-house Consultant:

The ability to shape my own career. I can decide how much of a challenge I want to take on and grow, which fits perfectly to my personality type. Change is crucial, I believe that you grow personally as well as professionally when you dare to leave your comfort zone.

My life before joining the In-house Consultancy:

Before I joined Allianz Consulting, I was a working student at Allianz Technology for almost two years while completing my bachelor’s degree in international business in Munich. It was the first time I was exposed to the agile way of working, which led me to want to become a Scrum Master/Agile Coach and support teams on an international level. I felt this role was perfectly fitting to my background.

What I like to do in my spare time:

I enjoy creating digital art and I find having art as a hobby helps me apply my creativity into my daily Scrum Master/Agile Coach role and think differently. I encourage my teams to be more creative when it comes to problem solving and I come up with creative techniques for my meetings.

I also love reading books about entrepreneurship and leadership. The working environment nowadays is very complex, so it helps having a profound understanding of human behavior or how to be a good team player.