Judith Klein

Senior Consultant, Entwicklung & Produkte, Volkswagen Consulting

My Job as Inhouse Consultant:

I am 27 years old and have been working for Volkswagen Consulting as a consultant in the Development and Products Department since April 2014. We mainly advise clients from the fields of technological development and product management. Alongside tasks aimed at improving cooperation and efficiency, we also support the development of products throughout the whole design process, as well as the strategic orientation of individual business sectors.

My daily challenges:

My work is full of variety. No day is like the next, no project is like the previous one. This constitutes one of the challenges we face: unlike external consultants, our perspective remains the same from one project to the next. Our work is aimed at ensuring that the Volkswagen group achieves its strategic aims, so that we are always acting in the interests of one and the same company.

Why I like to work as Inhouse Consultant:

I value belonging to the company, and striving for common goals. We have the opportunity to make a valuable contribution for the different fields of business. In-house consulting offers graduates attractive perspectives and opportunities for development at an international level in the global group of companies.

What I like most about being an Inhouse Consultant:

The professional development in the automotive sector is just as important as the methodological development as a consultant. Volkswagen Consulting offers me a perfect fit of these aspects. Furthermore, it is very motivating for me that we stay in contact with our clients even after the end of a project. Therefore, we are always focused on ensuring the sustainable success of our work.

My life before joining the Inhouse Consultancy:

I studied industrial engineering and management at Hannover University, with a focus on mechatronics and controlling. During my studies, I also got involved in the German Association of Industrial Engineers (“Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure”, VWI) – both in the Hannover University group and at a national level as a student representative in the VWI Federal Board. In these voluntary positions, I represented the interests of around 2,000 students, took part in the organisation of major events and acquired an experience that helps me in my job today. My first encounter with Volkswagen was through an internship with Volkswagen Consulting in 2011. From this point on, it was clear to me that I wanted to become part of the Volkswagen group. Further internships confirmed this decision.

What I like to do in my spare time:

I spend as much time as possible in the fresh air and enjoy spending my free time with my family and friends.