Thilo Städtler

Senior Consultant, thyssenkrupp Management Consulting

My Job as Inhouse Consultant:

I am a Consultant at TKMC since September 2016. Basically we advise all businesses of thyssenkrupp in varying strategic and operational challenges. As a Strategy & Performance Consultant I support on all levels from corporate to operating units in forming the setup of our businesses.

My daily challenges:

Our projects are in principle in line with the strategy of thyssenkrupp as a whole, which allows us to further implement tk’s long term strategy. We do so by conducting projects with focus on e.g. performance improvement, competitor benchmarking, transformation as well as the implementation of concepts.
These concepts need to be developed together with our colleagues in the thyssenkrupp organization – the experts. A seamless communication and collaboration is an essential factor for success in our projects.

Why I like to work as Inhouse Consultant:

Our clients are our colleagues at the same time – this has advantages. We usually get a leap of faith, which allows us to collaborate on an equal footing from the very beginning. After project completion I am still in touch with our colleagues to get feedback on our jointly developed approaches and concepts that impact our business.
Furthermore, I can develop my personal network within thyssenkrupp – this is important for my career after TKMC.

What I like most about being an Inhouse Consultant:

I always wanted to start my career as a consultant. Inhouse Consulting was especially appealing to me due to the fact that our clients are our colleagues at the same time. That allows me to really see the impact of our strategy proposals and also to serve as a contact person in case of any questions even after the projects.
Another advantage of TKMC and thyssenkrupp is the diversity of its business models. Each business area has to cope with different challenges – one reason why the projects remain exciting.

My life before joining the Inhouse Consultancy:

Before starting at TKMC I studied business administration in Vienna and Mannheim. During that time, I gained experience in consulting, finance and strategy as well as the industry. Especially during the strategy and consulting internships I had great fun and learned a lot – for example during a strategic analysis for a textile company and a restructuring project for a steel recycler.

What I like to do in my spare time:

In my leisure time I like to do sports, meet with my friends and travel. One particular highlight for me is to support my soccer team in the stadium on a Saturday afternoon.