Maximilian Esser

Project Manager, DHL Consulting

My Job as Inhouse Consultant:

I joined DHL Consulting in November 2020 following the completion of my MBA. Initially, I joined as a Senior Consultant and later transitioned to the role of Project Manager in 2022. Collaborating with my colleagues, I provide strategic consulting services to the management of DHL Group, addressing a wide range of departments and topics.

In my role, I am primarily responsible for establishing a clear project direction and vision, managing client and stakeholder requirements, and empowering my team to deliver optimal outcomes for DHL Group.

My daily challenges:

Within our project team, we engage in various activities to drive success and deliver value to our clients. Firstly, we focus on enhancing our understanding of the client’s business processes, closely examining related market developments, as well as emerging technologies that may impact the project at hand. Additionally, we establish strong client relationships by working closely with them, gaining profound insights into their current situation, and identifying the root causes of the challenges they face.

Drawing upon our expertise and experience, we craft tailored recommendations that address the specific needs of our clients and align with their strategic goals. Finally, we play a pivotal role in ensuring the successful implementation of these developed solutions, enabling our client’s organizations to move forward with confidence and achieve long-term success.

Why I like to work as Inhouse Consultant:

I appreciate working in Inhouse Consulting because it allows me to be part of a supportive and collaborative environment. Within our team, there is a strong sense of companionship, where we continuously support and uplift one another. This mutual support system fosters a positive feedback culture, where we not only provide constructive feedback but also actively help each other grow both personally and professionally. As a result, I have the opportunity to work on a wide range of topics and continually develop in a nurturing atmosphere.

What I like most about being an Inhouse Consultant:

Working at DHL Consulting is a fantastic opportunity for me as it enables me to make meaningful contributions to the long-term development of DHL Group and witness the tangible impact of my work. Additionally, it provides me with the platform to establish a robust network among the management of DHL Group. The culture at DHL Consulting is characterized by a highly personal and caring approach, combined with a strong focus on performance, making it an exceptional workplace.

As a consultant, I highly value the significant level of responsibility and autonomy I am entrusted with, allowing me to take ownership of my projects and work towards achieving my goals. Moreover, I appreciate the healthy balance that DHL Consulting maintains between the demands of a challenging profession and personal well-being. This equilibrium creates an ideal environment for me to continuously enhance my skills, advance my career, and simultaneously enjoy a fulfilling personal life.

My life before joining the Inhouse Consultancy:

My journey in consulting began in 2015, immediately after completing my Bachelor’s degree, when I secured an internship in the American branch of a supply-chain-focused consulting firm. It was during this period that I uncovered my passion for consulting and became captivated by its fast-paced, challenging, interesting, and diverse nature of work. From 2016 to 2019, I embarked on a professional endeavor with an external consulting firm, where I contributed to numerous projects in the realm of strategy and operations across various industries. Subsequently, I made the decision to pursue my MBA, during which I resolved to join the ranks of DHL Consulting.

What I like to do in my spare time:

During my leisure time, I derive immense pleasure from cherishing moments with loved ones, relishing delectable cuisine, immersing myself in music, exploring local bars, embarking on weekend getaways, and participating in an array of enjoyable activities. Additionally, I hold a deep passion for sports and outdoor pursuits, such as engaging in invigorating runs, embarking on lengthy hikes, and indulging in the game of golf.