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Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies, with some 235.8 million mobile customers, 27,3 million fixed-network lines, and 21.3 million broadband lines.

We provide fixed-network/broadband, mobile communications, Internet, and IPTV products and services for consumers, and information and communication technology (ICT) solutions for business and corporate customers.

Deutsche Telekom is present in more than 50 countries. With a staff of some 229,170 employees throughout the world, we generated revenue of 80.5 billion Euros in the 2019 financial year, about 66 percent of it outside Germany.

So that we can continue to be successful, we are already evolving from a traditional telephone company into an entirely new kind of service company. Our core business, i.e., the operation and sale of networks and connections, remains the basis. But at the same time we are proactively committing to business areas that open up new growth opportunities for us.

Center Strategic Projects

Who we are:

Our Mission: Making Deutsche Telekom future-proof

The telecommunications market is always on the move – just like us! As Telekom’s in-house consulting, we develop innovative solutions with a vision to ensure that Telekom will continue to be successful in the future.

Our mission has two elementary components:

1. Strategic Consulting & Group Transformation

As trusted advisor to Telekom’s top management, we accompany the most important transformation projects and move Telekom forward. To do this, we need good ideas, coherent concepts and consulting colleagues who want to shape and change the Group. We meet our customers’ needs with a broad set of methods, in-depth market knowledge and technological know-how. This makes us an irreplaceable partner for Deutsche Telekom’s top management.

2. Executive Development

In addition to strategy consulting, our mission is to develop executives in the Group. Therefore, we offer our consultants a fast-track career path which, in addition to technical and methodological competence, aims leadership skills development and a placement in the group after the consultant’s career.

Our Job:

We support Deutsche Telekom’s continuous transformation through professional concept and project / program management services with highest quality. The structure of the CSP reflects Deutsche Telekom’s business areas and follows a consistent approach: In line with Deutsche Telekom’s functional structure, we are divided into five practices. This enables us to understand our customer’s business and culture and support our colleagues in a targeted manner. Each of our consultants is assigned to a specific practice.

Value & Efficiency

The most important objective of our Value & Efficiency practice can be summed up quickly: we want to increase Group value in a sustainable way by reducing costs. We want to raise profits and efficiency. That’s why we analyze the Group financial value drivers and develop strategic efficiency programs, the implementation of which we are of course also involved in. These can be Group-wide transformation programs or assignments focusing on a specific area. The great advantage of our Value & Efficiency practice is that we are close to the action and know the company, the market and the global perspective.

Markets & Innovation

In future, Telekom wants to achieve a significant share of its growth through innovations that it develops either independently or together with partners. One of the driving forces here is our practice Markets & Innovation at the Center Strategic Projects (CSP). Our strategy involves driving forward innovative business models which make our company even more attractive. Together with Telekom’s innovation areas, we determine the strategic orientation, develop and implement a Group-wide go-to-market approach along with a standardized method for introducing innovation.

Digitalization & IT

Our mission is the translation of Deutsche Telekom’s strategy into customer-friendly and highly automated business processes. There are two ways IT can contribute to that ambition: either as an innovator and enabler for radical change in the business models or as an efficiency driver for the existing business model.

We as a team contribute by setting up and delivering projects that aim to improve selected processes, organizational structures or corresponding IT architectures. A major challenge is to maintain the balance between an ambitious vision and its sustainable implementation. We are making a difference as a team that knows how to master that balance.

Organisation & Human Resources

Changing technology, market dynamics, regulatory pressure: hardly any other company is confronted with such large, diverse challenges in organization and personnel as Telekom. In light of this, our employees in our practice Organization & HR at the Center Strategic Projects have one objective: we make the Group more dynamic and more efficient – with entrepreneurial vision and social responsibility.

Technology & Strategy

We can only move forward with the development and transformation of Telekom network infrastructure with technical knowledge and affinity, solid market know-how and an understanding of the economic context. That’s why we at Technology & Strategy work in an interdisciplinary team – your future colleagues are engineers and physicists, alongside economists. We are changing things – on a grand scale. With us, you’ll work on large roll-out projects, for example nationwide optical fiber coverage in Germany. Our colleagues are also busy with implementing IP transformation in Croatia and Macedonia, or with group-wide efficiency projects.

In addition to our project work for our business partners, we are also committed to the further development of our Center Strategic Projects. Each individual has the opportunity to set the focus of activities at our Center Contribution.

Who are we looking for:


Experience Telekom up close: an internship at the Center Strategic Projects gives you insights into the development of the Group at the highest level. From day one, you’ll be working on transformation projects and strategic decisions whilst gaining practical program and project experience. This allows you to make valuable contacts to various operative units during your studies, as well as plenty of young high potentials, experienced managers and even top-level Group management. Get on the right track during your degree for a potential future career with Telekom!


Our consultants at the CSP join us straight from university with an outstanding degree under their belt to start as consultants. Demonstrate your affinity for consulting and initial experience in project business with evidence of internships or relevant practical experience.

Senior Consultant

As a senior consultant, your one-to-two years of professional experience have already equipped you with essential specialist know-how and good project management skills. You can get to the bottom of issues and are able to create high-quality concepts and use a special portfolio of methods, even under time pressure.

Project Manager

You have several years of consultancy and (sub-)project management under your belt. You are familiar with a broad range of approaches that you can apply to your work and have strong project coaching skills. You are socially adept and familiar with project management – underpinned by evidence of training and development measures.

Senior Project Manager

As a senior project manager at the Center Strategic Projects, you will help shape long-term change processes in the Group whilst supporting the professional development of your department. You will take on the leadership of large teams and impress top management with new and creative solutions. You will also be a valued contact and sparring partner for our Business Partners. You will lead, coach and motivate a highly-qualified project team – and are always able to maintain your staff’s enthusiasm for the project, even in a challenging or difficult working environment.


As a Principal you have several years of professional experience as a Senior Project Manager. You have an in-depth technical knowledge and you are in charge of major projects. In addition to a large team, you will be responsible for project development together with the VP and will be present on the board. You will proactively develop the CSP project portfolio and serve as a role model for cultural development in the Center.


Our Center Strategic Projects works with various levels of seniority: as a university graduate, you’ll join us at “consultant” level. If you already have several years of experience, depending on the type and duration of work, the “senior consultant”, “project manager” or “senior project manager” levels are for you. We’re looking for new colleagues across all levels.

The CSP focuses on your career development. Through our career levels, you will be developed in a structured way according to your level of responsibility and your salary. We have a promotion round every 6 months in which the management discusses about all consultants and promotes them according to their performance – without fixed quotas or vacancies at the next level! Our excellent alumni network also opens doors for you to take the next step into the group. CSP consultants enjoy a high reputation among management and are in great demand as junior managers.

We’re doubly interesting for graduates from a variety of subject backgrounds: they can also join us via the 18-month “Start up!” program and select the center as their main assignment area. Are you keen to get career experience while you study? Great! Then join us for an exciting and challenging internship at CSP.

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