Gabi Jenke

Partner at Bosch Management Consulting

My Job as an In-house Consultant:

I have changed internally to Bosch Management Consulting at the beginning of 2018. Here I got to know better several business areas and Bosch headquarters in exciting projects. In the projects, we developed restructuring plans, conducted major reorganizations and set up a company-wide performance program.
During these tasks, I was able to learn a lot and I have developed myself in new areas of responsibility: from project employee to project management to partner.

My daily challenges:

It is always important to develop holistic solutions that bring Bosch forward. Of course, the solutions also sometimes involve difficult solutions – here it is necessary to develop an implementation plan that convinces the top management and shows the customer team a feasible implementation path. We are proud that we have succeeded in this and we always see it as our challenge.

Why I like to work as an In-house Consultant:

It is very enriching to dive into new questions and to be involved in further developments in exciting areas within the company. On the one hand, you get to know many methodological instruments; on the other hand, you also get to know better the company in its entirety.

What I like most about being an In-house Consultant:

As in-house consultants, we speak the language of our customers – we are part of the company. We therefore quickly manage to become acquainted with the new subject areas. We can build networks in the company in order to make good practice applications known quickly. In addition, we can see what results will be achieved even after the projects are completed – contacts with colleagues remain.

My life before joining the In-house Consultancy:

Before I moved to in-house consulting, I held various commercial positions in various business areas in Germany and abroad. Most recently, I managed the carve-out of a Bosch division for its Hungarian location. At the same time, I was responsible for the commercial plant management until the transition to the new owner was completed.

What I like to do in my spare time:

I love to travel, preferably together with my husband, with backpack and hiking boots or by bike – that is how we experience nature and people intensely, which we really appreciate!