Benjamin Baur

Director at Bosch Management Consulting

My Job as an In-house Consultant:

Since the beginning of 2020, I have been supporting various divisions of the Bosch Group in solving exciting and challenging issues as a project manager. Being an expert from our business and controlling pillar, I am also particularly addressing questions relating to the market and profitability in addition to my project management tasks. In the overall project context, I work closely with colleagues who have more of an engineering or manufacturing background. Our projects are as diverse as our company is and we cover the entire spectrum, from market studies to growth strategies and restructuring issues.

My daily challenges:

As in-house consultants, we are involved in our projects right from the beginning. Even before the official kick-off, we ensure that we bring in the right team and use the right approach for the specific challenge of our customer based on a series of initial interviews. During the projects, we are on site with our customers and closely collaborate with the various management levels. As we are all Bosch employees, we are in the same boat working in one direction and the practicability of our proposed solutions is paramount. As a project manager, it is also important for me to advance our consulting toolkit and, in particular, our consulting employees. This also covers giving new colleagues who come from a management position a better understanding of the way of working and tools in consulting.

Why I like to work as an In-house Consultant:

The well-being of the overall company is one the key aspects of our work as inhouse consultants. In contrast to external consultants, our unique internal position gives us the opportunity to also address unpleasant topics that our clients do not like quite so much without having to fear losing a follow-up project. As we stay with the company even after our projects, it is particularly important to us that solutions are not only developed, but also implemented in a sustainable manner. Most of our team consists of experienced Bosch managers who know the Bosch group from a variety of different perspectives. This solid expertise gives us a good perception of what is feasible and what is not. And as Bosch employees, we also benefit from a project’s success in the end.

What I like most about being an In-house Consultant:

As someone who has recently joined Bosch, the in-house consulting position gives me the opportunity to get to know the group and its diverse business areas relatively quickly. In addition to the projects itself, the colleagues I work with in my project team are always happy to share their Bosch experience and insights stemming from their previous positions. As our in-house consulting is deliberately designed as a temporary position and thus serves as an important step stone for my further career at Bosch.

My life before joining the In-house Consultancy:

After studying international management in Dublin and Reutlingen, I worked for a well-known strategy consultancy for many years. During this time, I have consulted companies from a wide variety of industries and have spent a significant part of my time abroad including projects in South Africa, Portugal, Greece and Saudi Arabia.

What I like to do in my spare time:

I seek to balance my intensive work life by spending time with my family and friends as well as enjoying outdoor sports. While I crest the mountains on foot or by bike during the in summer, I like to go downhill on skis in the winter season.